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3 07, 2019

How Henry Ford Undermined Civilization: Series. Post One

Let me admit right up front: I am a bit of a Luddite.  Not all "advances" are beneficial. Progress for its own sake isn't attractive to me. The lesson of "Jurassic Park" isn't that science is wrong: it's not cautious. The Luddites always have a point, but the money-makers have the mic. They don’t share it, they drop it. Conversation over. Today, I want to focus on the impact of “assembly line” thinking on human health. Henry Ford transformed the auto industry - and all industry - by creating the assembly line system.  Make sure every carburetor is the same, and you can mass produce cars where parts are plug-and-play. Decrease your costs, increase your production, and make a fortune.  While we haven’t reached the point, yet, where people are being assembled like machines, we are pretty close. A human

30 06, 2019

It Goes By Fast

“Life… is a long time.  But it goes by fast.” - Joshua Rosenthal, Founder, Institute for Integrative Nutrition A dear young friend is facing a life decision that could be devastating to herself and others. The possibilities are crucial, disruptive. The pressures the young face to try to craft a meaningful life from so many options are enormous.  And I believe the perspectives we have are often both too short-sighted and overly far-reaching.  “But this feels right, right now…” I know, dear heart. I understand. I know. “If it is going to hurt like this forever, I can’t bear it…” I know. It can feel like that. If I could say one thing - just one thing - it would be this; “Don’t trade in a lifetime of happiness for momentary relief. Don’t mistake the temporary pain of growing deep

2 01, 2019

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